Kaboom Starter Ignites Play with Exclusive NFT Whitelist Launch!

Launchpad and community incubator Kaboom Starter will be launched at the end of June 2024. It is one of the few projects that takes a very reliable and friendly approach to funding web3 projects. It’s not only a place to fund projects, it’s also a great place for the web3 and gaming community.

Providing a lot of entertainment, investment opportunities, support and many custom solutions that are still missing in the web3 space.

Kaboom Starter Launchpad: Discover the Power of DWARF NFT!

Get ready to enter a world full of dwarven power and privileges with the DWARF NFT collection, exclusively available on: https://hourglassworld.typeform.com/to/AEsReFL8?typeform-source=www.google.com

This unique collection of 6,000 NFT tokens offers 4 different “powers”: Dwarf King, Dwarf Warrior, Dwarf Blacksmith and Dwarf Miner, which provide users with access to the platform, a range of benefits and access to exclusive Kaboom Starter features.

What are DWARFs NFT?
DWARFs NFTs are not only digital collectibles, but also keys to Kaboom Starter’s rich ecosystem. Owning at least one of these NFTs opens the door to a number of benefits, including:
Access to DAO: Become a co-owner of the Kaboom Starter platform and shape its future by voting in key decisions.

Lower fees: Enjoy lower transaction fees on the Kaboom Starter platform while saving your funds.
Participate in airdrops: Receive free tokens of projects supported by Kaboom Starter Launchpad, as well as airdrops of the platform itself.

Participate in all events: Attend exclusive events hosted by Kaboom Starter and network with other community members.

Access to the private group: Join a closed discussion group where you can share your insights and ideas with other DWARFs NFT owners.

Access to the tester group: You have the chance to become a tester of new features and products of the Kaboom Starter platform, influencing its development.

Access to the project’s VOD platform: Watch exclusive videos and live broadcasts, expanding your knowledge of projects supported by Kaboom Starter.

Opportunity to receive “prize chests”: Open crates to discover amazing rewards such as tokens, NFTs and other valuable items.

In some cases, even payback from project funding: Receive payback from investing in projects backed by Kaboom Starter.

DWARFs NFT powers:
The type of NFT you own, according to your drawn “power,” determines the level of benefits you have access to. However, these benefits are distributed proportionally, meaning that even NFT holders with a lower “power” can still reap significant benefits from membership in the Kaboom Starter community.

Mint DWARFs NFT is coming soon!
Get ready for mint DWARFs NFT and get your key to the rich world of Kaboom Starter Launchpad.
Remember that NFT powers are randomly assigned, and you will be able to discover their values in the Kaboom Starter platrom in your Launchpad. A whopping 8% of the entire NFT collection has the most power. Be the first to get them.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to become part of the exciting Hourglass World community and discover the power of DWARFs NFT!

Additional information:
Kaboom Starter official website: https://kaboom.hourglassworld.games

DWARFs NFT: Subscribe to the whitelist
Hourglassworld site: https://hourglassworld.games

Social Media:
Twitter: https://x.com/hourglassworld
Telegram: https://t.me/hourglassworld

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