Kaboom Starter Launchpad: Revolutionizing Web3 Project Funding and Community Engagement

Kaboom Starter Launchpad: Revolutionizing Web3 Project Funding and Community Engagement

Kaboom Starter, a groundbreaking launchpad and community incubator, is set to launch at the end of June 2024. Uniquely positioned in the web3 landscape, Kaboom Starter offers a reliable, user-friendly platform for funding web3 projects, while fostering a vibrant community for enthusiasts and investors alike.

A Hub for Innovation and Community

Kaboom Starter goes beyond traditional funding platforms by providing a comprehensive suite of entertainment, investment opportunities, and support solutions. This holistic approach addresses the current gaps in the web3 space, making it an indispensable hub for the web3 and gaming communities.

Unveiling the DWARF NFT Collection

As part of its innovative offerings, Kaboom Starter proudly introduces the exclusive DWARF NFT collection. Comprising 6,000 unique tokens, this collection includes four distinct “powers”: Dwarf King, Dwarf Warrior, Dwarf Blacksmith, and Dwarf Miner. Each NFT unlocks a range of benefits and exclusive features on the Kaboom Starter platform.

What Sets DWARFs NFTs Apart?

DWARFs NFTs are more than digital collectiblesβ€”they are gateways to Kaboom Starter’s rich ecosystem. By owning at least one DWARF NFT, users gain access to a myriad of advantages:

Access to DAO: Become a co-owner of the Kaboom Starter platform and participate in key decision-making processes.
Lower Fees: Benefit from reduced transaction fees, maximizing your investment returns.
Airdrops Participation: Receive free tokens from supported projects and the Kaboom Starter platform itself.

Exclusive Events: Attend special events and network with other community members.
Private Group Access: Join a closed discussion group to share insights and ideas with fellow DWARF NFT owners.

Tester Group Access: Influence the development of new features and products by participating as a tester.

VOD Platform Access: Watch exclusive videos and live broadcasts to expand your knowledge of supported projects.

Prize Chests: Unlock crates containing tokens, NFTs, and other valuable items.
Project Funding Payback: In certain cases, receive returns from investments in Kaboom Starter-backed projects.

Discover the Power of DWARF NFTs

The benefits of DWARF NFTs are distributed proportionally based on the NFT’s “power.” Regardless of the power level, all NFT holders can enjoy significant benefits from being part of the Kaboom Starter community.

Minting Coming Soon!

Prepare for the minting of DWARF NFTs and secure your access to the Kaboom Starter Launchpad’s rich ecosystem. NFT powers are randomly assigned, with 8% of the collection boasting the highest power. Be among the first to claim these powerful NFTs.

Stay Updated

Follow Kaboom Starter on social media for the latest information on launch dates and times. Don’t miss this opportunity to join the Hourglass World community and harness the power of DWARF NFTs!

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