Miami Token Worldโ€™s First Automated Investing Token ok the Binance SmartChain


Miami Token Worldโ€™s First Automated Investing Token ok the Binance SmartChain
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An auto investing token
Miami Token is a platform for the future of investing thats powered by DeFi Technology on the BinanceSmartChain
Best Features
Automated Investing
Earn Commissions passively
Highly Scalable
Automated Investing
Reliable & Anti-Inflation
Introducing the worlds first
Auto investing token MIA
You donโ€™t have to follow the market to master it. With Miami Token automated investing
We take the stress out of investing
Itโ€™s easier than ever to put your money to work.
MIA Tokens will be added automatically on top of your investment, which means adjusting your funds on a Daily basis, so your money is always growing how you want it to be. with Only 1,000,000,000 total supply & 1% of the tokens being destroyed with each transaction made and no more tokens being minted it will make for a anti-inflation system that will add more value to the token itself over time
5% commission fee gets distributed among all Holders. All Token Holders will Earn MIA Token Passively just by Holding the token
5% Commission Fee gets distributed among All liquidity โ€œLP TOKENโ€ providers
1% burn Fee (1% of the fee from each transaction will be destroyed decreasing the supply over time adding value to existing tokens
Miami Token is a BEP20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network.
As its initial platform for the operation and it is governed by the Binance ecosystemโ€™s smart contract written in GO, Java, Javascript, C++, C#, Python, and Swift programming language.
Token contract :  0x5417f8559ee78f0e77589109d605246c89dd01c9
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