Boltercoin: A coin for the future special solutions in the field of energy

About Boltercoin
Bolter coin has been created to provide easy access to goods and services (from raw materials to the final product)
for individuals and companies, fast and highly secure with no intermediaries.
In todayโ€™s world, advertising is an integral part of every business.
One of the significant issues that can be handled using the blockchain is an effective advertising and reducing its cost.
The Bolter Token has unique solutions to solve this significant problem.
This Token has a dedicated exchange to be able to accept new projects quickly.

Why Boltercoin
With the advancement of technology, everybody feels a responsibility to update themselves to communicate more effectively
with the new world around us and make the best use of new technologies.
The BOLTER team seeks to create an advanced platform for todayโ€™s world by introducing people to the token to use the latest facilities
and services at the lowest cost and in the shortest time and share it with those around them and their friends.

How To Buy
How to buy cryptocurrency on boltercoin

Register Account
Go to our dedicated exchange website and create an account
(remember to never share your seed/recovery phrase!)

Deposit as u like
Transfer some currency BTC/ USDT(trc20)/ TRX/ LTC/ ETH/ DASH/ DOGE/ BCH/ XRP/ BOT)
to your wallet address in a BOLTEREX exchange

Withdraw Profit
NOW swap your deposit to BOLTER COIN(BOT)

To know more visit

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