Tsar Network: Become stakeholder in the world’s first blockchain platform with a drag-n-drop contract builder.

Tsar Network
Become stakeholder in the world’s first
blockchain platform with a drag-n-drop contract builder.

Invest Today in What Will Proliferate at Scale Tomorrow
The current blockchain world is heavily developer-focused.
Tsar wants to create equilibrium by providing a platform that is both dev-friendly as well as user-friendly.
Blockchain can not get mainstream until technical barriers are broken and the non-codeholic majority is taken into consideration.
Tsar zero-code approach lets non-technical users focus on the business, not the code.

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Ecosystem Components

Frontend: Where the Users Prosper
A comprehensive, all-inclusive suite of blockchain-based financial applications that are practical, affordable, user-friendly, and secure.
You use our apps as easily as conventional services you handle on a daily basis because
the underlying blockchain tech is kept hidden from ordinary users and is exposed at bare minimum where necessary.
And not to mention that our security team runs a tight ship to keep the hackers out.
Select participants will have access to beta launch in 2022-Q2.

TsarChain: The Workhorse
The TsarNetwork would ultimately be powered by TsarChain.
Envisioned as a green blockchain with lightning speed, minimal carbon footprint, lowest transaction fees,
and optimal security β€” TsarChain intends to be the blockchain of choice for deployment of everyday as well as mission-critical smart contracts.
Development continues and the testnet is set to be revealed in 2023-Q3.

TsarToken: The Fuel Behind
Initially BEP-20, TsarTokens will be available for trade and use as a transactional unit for services across the platform.
The total supply is capped and is subjected to continuous burn to decrease the total number of coins overtime to stabilize the value.
As mainnet goes live, all BEP-20 tokens will be swapped one-to-one with native tokens on TsarChain.

Token Benefits
Why Hold TSAR

The Lucid ICO

Transparent Beginnings
Tsar is proud in conducting one of the fairest ICOs in the blockchain world.
Our ICO is open for everyone and sale data will be made available for all the investors.

There are features in place to deter artificial price manipulation
and early birds have better pricing slabs available to them.

Name Tsar
Ticker TSAR
Type Initially BEP-20
Softcap US$ 1M (1,000,000)
Hardcap US$ 3M (3,000,000)
ICO Goal US$ 3M (3,000,000)
Seed Round 1 Token = US$ 0.00125
Flash Sale 1 Token = US$ 0.00135
Pre-sale 1 Token = US$ 0.00250
DEX Launch 1 Token = US$ 0.00400
Main Sale TBA
Total Tokens Ten Billion
Available for ICO 45%
Accepts BNB / BUSD / ETH
Whitelist For Seed Round Only

Income Streams
45% of total token supply has been allocated for ICO
(seeding round, pre-sale, and main sale). All unsold tokens will be locked for 2 years until the launch of testnet.
Dynamic reward mechanisms have been set up for master node operators, witness node operators, scope observers, governors, and stakers.

All buy/sell transactions will be taxed for a period of 1 year and dividends paid to token holders at a rate of 4% and 8% respectively.
The tax will be gradually waived when the platform becomes operational
and afterwards 50% of all revenue generated across platform will be paid as dividends to the token holders.

Buying Tax: 6%
4.00% – Dividends
1.00% – Liquidity
0.50% – Marketing
0.50% – Fire Whale

Selling Tax: 12%
8.00% – Dividends
2.00% – Liquidity
1.00% – Marketing
1.00% – Fire Whale

After Launch
50.00% – Dividends
Other Heads – TBA

Token Supply and Allocation

To Know more
Visit: https://tsar.network/
Telegram: https://t.me/TsarNetwork
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tsarnetwork

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