SOLACIT Announces Its Arrival with the New DeFi Project, built up on the Solana Chain


SOLACIT is pleased to announce a new Decentralized Finance (DeFi) project, where users can look forward to a “rewarding crypto decentralized exchange experience.” The project is built up on the SOLANA Chain, the fastest and the most scalable blockchain in the cryptocurrency space. The blockchain also offers faster transaction speed at a reasonable fee.

The history in the making
SOLACIT will go down in history as the first decentralized exchange that helps service projects to grow while prioritizing quality ones among them.
The team is poised to offer better services than its competitors as it promises to create a more user-friendly and attractive interface that will encourage users with little or no trading knowledge to join the exchange.
Quality, the moto:
Furthermore, the team aims to provide quality service to proven projects with making feature listing on its platform. That is through judging the potential of the listed tokens to ensure that the best quality ones are listed on the exchange with highest priority towards it. SOLACIT supports and highlights the value projects that demonstrate better potential for investors in the future.
Highlighting the exchange’s advantage over the traditional cryptocurrency exchanges, the team explained that the “SOLACIT model is ahead of time. While the conventional cryptocurrency exchanges offer limited functionalities, which are often restricted to exchange, trade, and transfer of cryptocurrencies, SOLACIT offers much more than the mere facilitation of basic trading and exchange.”
Solana Blockchain and Solutions
Explaining its solution to the problem associated with traditional crypto exchanges, the SOLACIT team noted that the cryptocurrency market is ripe for a technology-driven solution which is the primary reason why SOLACIT created an exchange to solve the problem by leveraging the impressive features of the SOLANA Blockchain, the world’s most scalable and fastest blockchain.
The solution includes offering a highly secure and advanced platform, charging low transaction fees, and ensuring that its interface is user-friendly.
SOLACIT renders a wide range of services such as trading and lending that allows users to trade and lend tokens effortlessly, token swap with other altcoins at cheaper rates, offering a reward for staking a token, and providing liquidity provider tokens.
Allowing the users to earn interest by investing their digital assets in DeFi markets through yield farming, providing a Launchpad to help user’s kick-start a rewarding user experience on the platform, lottery, and governance protocol that empowers their members to participate in the governance of the SOLACIT ecosystem through their voting rights.
Initial offering insights
While encouraging more investors to take advantage of the new token, as there will be an initial offering for the token. The expected total supply is 1,000,000,000 tokens while assuring token holders that they will be rewarded with tons of benefits, both on the platform right now, and in their future projects.
The team has put in place plans for vesting and fundraising. During the vesting period, the allocation for the team will be locked for the first three or six months after which it will be released gradually at 5% every month for 20 months.
With the launch of its new DeFi token, SOLACIT hopes to revolutionize the cryptocurrency market and offer investors a platform where they can get the best services and investment tokens.
SOLACIT is a very unique decentralized exchange designed for innovative projects in the cryptocurrency space, built up on the Solana Chain, with an aim to help users grow by providing them with a wide range of crypto-related services such as staking, listing, and pre-sale service otherwise known as a Launchpad, farming, and bridging for decentralized finance concepts.
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