Finally a legit signals app: Coin Push Crypto Signals

Mobile app tracks crypto price graphs and creates timely, reliable trading signals.
Live data from top exchanges are getting aggregated and computed on-the-fly.

Istanbul,October 15, 2021

Istanbul based mobile apps studio Katu has released its new app for crypto traders.
The app called Coin Push Crypto Signals tracks popular coins’ prices on crypto exchanges
and catches trading opportunities using artificial intelligence.
App users get push notifications when significant events approach.
Coin Push Crypto Signals detects graph squeezes, trend-breaks and sudden ups/downs.

Throughout the history of trading, there have been many people and institutions generating signals.
However, Coin Push Crypto Signals’ outputs are the result of complex mathematical formulas running on servers,
without adding human ego to the process.
Kivanc Tanrikulu, the founder of the startup, said “No fortune telling, solid mathematics!”.

It’s a really good idea to delegate these tracking efforts to artificial intelligence,
both for crypto day traders who navigate between price charts all day long,
and occasional traders who are interested in the subject from time to time.
The application also delivers lightning fast live prices with useful β€œgainers” and β€œlosers” of the day sections.
App users can receive signals of 5 coins of their choice for free.
Users who start a subscription for $4.99 per month can follow all 50 coins in the application with an ad-free application interface.

Visit to install Coin Push Crypto Signals. About Katu
Katu is an Istanbul based mobile apps studio that has been serving in the field of corporate
mobile applications since 2010. It also has applications targeting end users in Apple App Store
and Google Play Store, as well as numerous applications it has made for many highly ranked global companies.

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