Squid Game Protocol: A Gaming Token On Binance Smart Chain


Our Glassy Pinky Bank is filled with $10.000 worth of BUSD below you will see hows its being allocated for the next rounds of the game.
We are true TV Show fanatics and this will change the way you trade and bring a level of gaming to the actual buys and sells you all are use to.

SGPro is a deflationary token with a fee on all buys, transfers and sells (+5% of penalty)

10.00 %

This is broken down as follows:

A custom build mechanism which will revolutionize and elevate your trading experience to a new level. The level of excitement people will endure will be like the TV Show squid game everything will be visible on our custom dashboard. When you sell you lose the rewards for that round and will be eliminated.

Fair Launch
A fair launch made for everyone to win with our special anti whale mechanism.

Max buy 0.1% of the max supply

Cooldown 10 sec

A multiplier that will be added to the amount you buy will increase your busd rewards.

Golden SGPro Tickets

The more you have the bigger the share of the busd pot will be.

Winner of the Round
5% of the BUSD pot will go to the last buyer of the round.
The initial price pot will be $10.000 in busd.

In the finale of the first game every buy will add 5 seconds to the timer.
When the buys stop the round will end.

Exit the Game
When you Exit the Game you can’t exit on pancakeswap you have to exit on our dashboard.
When you exit the game you will eliminate yourself and all your holdings


Website: https://squidgameprotocol.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SquidGamePRO
Telegram: https://t.me/SquidGameProtocol

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