Gaj Coin: All-in-One Ecosystem for all Financial Needs Globally.

An All-in-One Ecosystem for all Financial Needs Globally.



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About GAJ Coin
GAJ Coin is an ERC-20 Token built on Ethereum Platform with Burn function.
GAJ is one of the leading Utility Tokens based on usage and benefits,
and as per reviews from many major Crypto companies and websites.
GAJ shall have various usages in the WCC Ecosystem as well as real world based on partnerships and collaborations
with many companies for various activities. GAJ shall also be swappable on various exchanges
after the end of ICO and shall also be traded with
pairing BTC / USDT / ETH on various major Crypto Exchanges.

A total supply of 210,000,000 GAJ Coins is available,
out of which 60 percent is available for Public via ICO and Private Placement Sale over the course of next few months.
The first set of products and website shall be activated at the inception of the ICO Rounds.
During the ICO Rounds, second set of products and services shall be launched
and licences shall be applied in various jurisdictions.

Key features of GAJ Coin

Native WCC Ecosystem Coin
GAJ Coin is the native ecosystem coin used across all products and services offered by WCC globally.
It offers a wide range of discounts and benefits for coin holders.

ERC20 Compliant Token System
Fully transparent and compliant ERC20 protocol token developed
with the highest standards of decentralized structure and keeping safety as the utmost priority.
The smart contract has been audited by major security firms.

Safe, Secure & Promising Coin
GAJ Coin is one of its kind coin system that evolves around the philosophy of continued growth
at all times for the company, stakeholders and ecosystem as a whole.

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