Shelter Tokens that can prepare users for safe asset growth and stable profit bank run

Introducing Shelter Tokens!

Shelter is the project to establish a defense system that protects users from Scam Project and high volatile Project.
By purchasing Shelter Token, users can steak stable assets without having to find high-efficiency DeFi products.
Through the defense system, you can participate in steaking with the lowest price guaranteed.

Tokens issued by any DeFi project are always at risk of depreciation. Therefore, even if interest is accrued,
if the token fails to maintain its price, the interest will not lead to an ultimate profit.
To compensate for this, Shelter guarantees the lowest price of the tokens, significantly reducing the interest gap.

For this reason, SHELTER Token enables a continuous rise without the risk of a fall.

Shelter Token
From the moment you purchase the Shelter token, the user has the same effect as deposied in the DeFi product.

Shelter coin value

The value of Shelter Token increases proportionally as its market capitalization increases.
Therefore, except for situations where the market capitalization increases due to an increase in the number of holders,
if the profits from investment products or defense systems are attributed to the market capitalization and increase,
the token price will also rise accordingly.
Shelter prioritizes stability over large profits, so its purpose is to generate maximum efficiency from very low-risk products.

The potential of Shelter tokens

The potential of Shelter Token begins with the advantage of being a ‘token that protects against a decline in value’.
Shelter uses a defense system to defend the lowest price and increase the size of its market cap through investment to promote a long-term rise of the Shelter token.

Please remember!!! The fact that the price of the shelter token you are seeing is a price you will never see again!!

System operation plan

The defence system works from the moment the SHELTER token is listed on the exchange, and the operation plan is as follows.

When a situation occurs when the price of the token falls below -10% in the market

*In order to maintain the lowest price of SHELTER Token, SHELTER provides Dapp with a contract that can be purchased continuously by calculating the lowest price of SHELTER Token (Shelter Token price -10%). If a user purchases at a lower price than the shelter lowest price on the exchange, they can easily earn additional revenue by selling it to the Dapp.


1.Holder A, who purchased a shelter token for $1 from the shelter dapp, sees the shelter token drop below the lowest price of the shelter dapp of $0.9 on a listed exchange, and proceeds to purchase and sells it to the shelter dapp.

2.Since Shelter circulated Shelter tokens at $1 and bought them at $0.9, the overall market capitalization increases, raising the price of Shelter tokens.

3.As a result, holder A’s assets increase as the price of the shelter token he is holding increases.

4.In addition, since they bought it on the exchange and sold it to the Dapp to make a profit, they will earn additional side income.

When the price of the token in the market rises abnormally.

*Tokens have a variety of reasons for their price to rise. Among them, if the price of the token rises in a healthy way as it gradually builds a foundation, it will bring positive effects to all users. However, an unreasonable rise in the token price destroys trust and creates victims, and the price is controlled by a specific whale. Shelter does not want this situation as it wants all users to manage their assets in an equitable way. Therefore, Shelter monitors all listed exchanges in real time to check for abnormal movements and operates the tokens allocated to the defense system. When the price starts to rise abnormally, the defense system is activated to apply multi-faceted pressure to the market, and the value of the token is brought down to a stable level.

*In the process, the whale loses control and all the proceeds are attributed to the market capitalization, which increases the basic value of the token and the lowest price as well.


1.Shelter monitors the exchange in real time.
2.If the price rises unreasonably on the exchange, the defense system is activated and the shelter token allocated to the defense system gradually flows into the market to stabilize the price.
3.In this process, shelter tokens will be circulated at a higher price, and all proceeds from this process will be attributed to the market capitalization, raising the token price.
4.Holders who have previously purchased can experience an increase in their assets even if they stand still because the value of their tokens increased during the above process.

With this structure, it was possible to operate a new investment method that shows stable returns whether the price of Shelter Token goes up or down, and Shelter Token will only show an upward trend in the long term.

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