4JNET is positioned to outperform Safemoon through a unique mechanism

Safemoon launched on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) on March 8, which saw a 200-time increase within less than a month.
That is to say, if someone invested 10,000 of the native token RMB 10,000 on March 3,
they will have 2,000,000 RMB in April. Although Safemoon’s price has fallen to $0.000003,
the investors may still be exposed to high rewards if they buy Safemoon now.

4JNET has launched the pre sale of limited-edition nonfungible tokens (NFTs) on Oct. 18,
and a total of 5,000 limited-edition NFTs have been distributed.
After the project kicks off on Dec. 1, all NFT holders can claim 30% of the all tokens issued,
unlock 2% each day and enjoy a 3% reduction of service charges.
The purchased 4JNET tokens will be put into the liquidity pool to maximize the benefits.

4JNET’s unique mechanism

4JNET will introduce a decreasing service charge mechanism to stabilize prices.
To be specific, 90% of initial transaction amounts will be used
as the service charge, 6% to be distributed to all token holders through tokens,
and the remaining part to be automatically transferred into the liquidity pool.

As transactions increase, the service charge will be gradually decreased
up to by 10%, thus bridging the gap between early and late investors.
4JNET’s early investors need to pay high service charges even if they buy at an earlier time,
which are automatically put into the liquidity pool to promote steady price increase
and alleviate price instability that results from the selling pressure.

4JNET’s unique mechanism echoes with the “HODL” idea of encrypted tokens to a great extent,
which advocates “buy and hold” regardless of its appreciation and depreciation in the short run.
In essence, its fairness, security and transparency enhance investors’ confidence in holding the tokens
for a long time or trading at the right time, allowing them to become rich one day.

Comparisons between 4JNET and Safemoon

1. Total Circulation

Currently, it is said that safemoon has issued 1,000,000,000,000,000 tokens, but its upper limit is 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,
according to its contract, which is equal to the number of every atom in 1,000,000 galaxies.
In contrast, only 5,000 4JNET NFTs are issued, and all NFT holders can enjoy a reduction of 3% service charge.

2. Token Holding

@waronrugs, a KOL with 100,000 followers on twitter,
said that 50% of Safemoon is held by its founding team, so they may possibly crush the market at any time.
All business logics of 4JNET follow the smart contract, and the team does not hold 4JNET tokens
and have no access to the investors’ funds.

3. Technical capabilities

Safemoon’s contract is directly copied from Ethereum’s smart contract RFILIQ.
Safemoon even maintains the spelling errors of the original contract.
Yet, 4JNET’s core team comes from internationally renowned enterprises like Oracle, Microsoft and IBM,
so it boasts technical strength.

4JNET’s four guarantees

MSB license: 4JNET has secured the U.S. MSB license for encrypted tokens and is allowed
to lawfully engage in initial coin offerings (ICOs),
initial exchange offerings (IEOs) and encrypted token transactions.

Transparency: All business logics of 4JNET are achieved through smart contracts.
All of the contract’s addresses and codes are open sourced.

Contract audit: 4JNET’s smart contract has been audited by the blockchain security company CertiK,
and its security and fairness are further guaranteed.

Fairness: 4JNET’s unique mechanism effectively curbs the token oligarchs
and centralized holding of tokens.


According to our best knowledge,
the news that 4JNET’s limited-edition NFT would be issued and the project would kick off soon has made a huge stir in the market.
KOLs in the token industry pointed out that by means of its unique mechanism,
4JNET will soon occupy a market share and outperform Safemoon. A new star is rising.

Source: Cointelegraph
Project URL: https://www.4j.net/
Telegram: https://t.me/fourjnetchannel
Twitter: https://twitter.com/4jnet
Github: https://github.com/4jnet/4jnet

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