MonumentsToken – bsc project focusing on monument conservation – saving monuments for the generations to come –
Unseen, super original token concept!

BEP-20 tokenomics combined with real life monument restoration has the potential
to create value for a lot of stakeholders (construction companies/investors/tourism industry/merchants/artisans).
Monument conservation = job creation

πŸ› Unique and long-term project: saving monuments and landmarks

⏳ Very early – x10 potential this weekend (10k market cap)

πŸ”’ Liquidity locked for more than 1 year (Pancakeswap V2)

πŸ’² 3% automatic LP

πŸ”ƒ 3% redistribution

πŸ“’ partnerships with external marketeers

πŸ–‹ 0x57685cbe7c84267e03a436611fdd4bc102cca150





MT, creating value by protecting monuments.

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