A Decentralized Community Run Token Committed To New Wealth Generation


BIG Ecosystem

BIG is a Community Driven Investment DAO on the Binance Smart Chain. The key asset to the BIG ecosystem is the native token $BIG which rewards both holders and stakers.

We asked ourselves what it would look like if we built a Blockchain DeFi Ecosystem with a community at the center, the same that Shiba Inu did, and to do it with the base token having the same metrics as Bitcoin. And thus, $BIG was born

$BIG has been designed with similar tokenomics to Bitcoin with a Total Supply cap of 21,000,000

$BIG has been minted to mirror the tokenomics of Bitcoin with a Total Max Supply of 21,000,000 tokens. Keeping value locked and scarce for ultimate growth. The idea behind this is to mint hundreds if not thousands of NEW MONEY millionaires through the BIG Ecosystem.

The new money
Built to create a generation of NEW Wealth

This is the Dawn of a New Era!
$BIG isn’t just a cryptocurrency project, $BIG is a big fuck you to the system, to OLD MONEY that doesn’t want us to enter the game.

Why Choose BIG Token?
We are committed to building and engineering the best Decentralized Ecosystem available today.

We are confident that together as a unified whole, we will be beyond successful in advancing the Members and Ecosystem as a whole so that together we can all reach phenomenal new heights.

How to Buy

1. Install Trust wallet
Install Trust Wallet on your phone or desktop and follow instructions carefully to create your Smart Chain wallet.

2. Deposit BNB to Trust Wallet
After successfully creating your wallet, purchase Smart Chain BNB by highlighting BNB and pressing the β€œbuy” button. Purchase desired amount of BNB via debit card or bank account. BNB is the currency of the Binance Smart Chain and is necessary for purchases and transaction fees.

3. Connect to Smart Swap Dex
Connect your wallet to ( https://pancakeswap.finance/swap ) on your phone or desktop (same device as wallet) on your web browser go to pancakeswap.

Import $BIG into Pancakeswap
Click add to wallet to import instantly or paste token address into pancakeswap (0x59Cc45Ec72Fd41a13ba6C81aFC61c09af0385d63)

5. Exchange BNB for BIG
Set slippage to 12% in the option menu to avoid Price Impact warning.

Once you’ve completed your swap stake your $BIG in our LP to earn rewards



More info : https://bigcoin.site/
Telegram: https://t.me/BIGC0IN

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