Nobo: A reflection token made by a powerful development team

Noboundaries Finance (NOBF) or Nobo is a reflection token made by a powerful development team. We will deploy various apps, a DEX site, and a CEX within the NOBF stratosphere. With a total supply of 300 trillion tokens, built on the Binance Smart Chain, NOBF will provide real use cases for holders. This approach allows everyone to consistently benefit from NOBF and eventually become King of the Cryptospace. No boundaries.

Nobo’s presale starts on 26 December on Pinksale. Full launch on pancake swap on 2 Jan. A DEX (Decentralized Exchange) called NoboSwap is already under development with a tentative launch date on 15 January! This will allow not only the trading of NOBF but also many other tokens across multiple blockchains.

Later in the spring, Nobo Finance will launch a full CEX (Centralized Exchange) to provide full service crypto trading to customers.

Nobo Finance has completed a KYC verification and has been fully audited by InterFi.

Tokenomics. While the max supply of NOBF is 300 trillion, 58% has already been burned and the remainder is locked in a vesting strategy to keep the circulating supply low and to avoid large whale buys and sells. The vested tokens will be relocked and later burned over time. There are no plans to keep the supply in the trillions, the max supply after burns will likely remain in the billions.

Tax 11% buy and sell to reduce bot impact, reward holders, an keep solid liquidity
– 3% reflections back to holders
– 4% marketing
– 4% liquidity

Initial liquidity is locked for 2 years automatically on Pinklock after the presale, so you do not have to worry about any pulling the rug.

Coin Market Cap and Coin Gecko Listings after launch
CEX listings planned
Our DEX will include staking, pooling, trading, and eventually ICO launch capabilities!

Symbol: NOBF
Network: BSC
Contract: 0x9b3d7Fe1f729560f2958d781943EcCb33b123Fb3

Presale link:

Come join us today!

Nobo Finance (NOBF): Stable and Multiple Yield Generating Reflective Token

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