Own land in SoccerCity? Soccer Metaversum and the digital property NFT collection is all you need

Soccer Metaversum – 18DEC – OpenSea
*Own land in SoccerCity? Soccer Metaversum and the digital property NFT collection is all you need.*

_*NFTs can be purchased from the 18th December on OpenSea*_

Of the many technologies we have seen constant developments on, the world of DeFi has been talked about most. As the world rapidly moves into the decentralised finance (DeFi) space, everyone can benefit from the numerous opportunities such advanced technologies offer. The Soccer Metaversum is a virtual world which is causing a buzz in the DeFi space for so many reasons.

Soccer Metaversum recently made headlines with NFTs based on SoccerCity land located in the XIS7 World. You can personally benefit from your NFT collection by owning land in SoccerCity. By obtaining the best locations in SoccerCity, you inevitably step into the future of Geo-NFTs.

Owning digital land in the Soccer Metaversum provides each private person with huge opportunities. Build a house on your land, furnish it and hold meetings with friends or partners. Or rent it out to companies who pay you monthly rent, plus you earn on their turnover. Besides that, you also earn monthly basic care generated from the ecosystem.

Or perhaps you wish to profit from the rise in SoccerCity land prices by trading your property on the a Decentralised Marketplace. These prices are based on the city development concept and urbanisation which will inevitably raise the value of each property, especially when located near superstar villas, brand shops and sports arenas created for the loyal, raving, sports fans. You too, can profit from the digitisation of football!

Iker Casillas, who is widely considered to be one of the world’s greatest goalkeepers, earned a total of 19 trophies during his 25 years as goalie, which included one World Cup and two European Championship trophies. Imagine living near Iker Casillas and actually being able to meet him! This dream can become your reality. Early on, Iker recognised the huge advantage of owning property in SoccerCity. Twelve properties are located in the VIP area where the land of prominent personalities like his are located.

SoccerCity has recognised the demand for tradable NFTs and the benefit they offer devoted fans. Purchase SoccerCity land and receive special NFTs, booster packages of up to 9.600 m², plus land airdrops. Receive Dcores resources and Farming Rewards in the future. Benefit from the increase in value which is determined by location and property size. To top all that, you also get to Meet&Greet Iker Casillas!

Through using blockchain technology, the remarkable partnership between SoccerCoin and the XIS7 Metaversum has enabled new sources of income for sports fans all over the world.

Enter the world of NFTs. On the 18th December, you can get your SoccerCity NFTs on OpenSea. Visit the SoccerCity website to find out more: https://soccercity.metaversum.life
Join the telegram: https://t.me/soccermetaversum

Bounty program:

Be the owner of a NFT/ digital land in Soccer Metaversum!
The rarity of the NFT/digital land will be dependent on the location and the size!
If you are lucky you will become the neighbor of soccer celebrities like casillas which makes your property even more valuable!
Get all infos and 1000 Dcores for free in our Telegram bounty bot http://t.me/SoccerMetaversumBountyBot?start=127417346

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