Son of a Bit – Staking Rewards – BSC Token – Gem!

$SOB is an evolution of the crypto genetics.
Simply stake on our platform and forget! Staking Rewards So Hot You’ll Be Saying Son of a Bit!

$SOB is a passive income token.
Earning BUSD passively, or when staking for any of the coins in our revolutionary staking platform.
Moreover, we’re here to secure your future, with the Crypto Retirement Plan

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About The Son Of Bit

$SOB is a token for the people who have been down on their luck at times. For those who may feel the need to curse and say “SOB” when things get tough! It’s a token to help provide financial stability to those of us who have fought and survived, those with financial struggles, health struggles, relationship struggles and more. Our token is as resilient as our community and as strong as our diverse, international leadership team.

With Bitcoin being the mother of all cryptocurrencies, $SOB is an evolution of the crypto genetics.

Simply buy and hold Son of a Bit tokens, and earn reflections in BUSD, or stake for any available asset on the staking pools selection. You will receive reflections on every transaction, your keys to passive income. You will receive your reflections automatically as they build up over time. We cannot tell you how often they will be distributed as it varies by volume and the size of your bag.

$SOBs dapp allows you to view and claim your BUSD reflections and opt to stake in a pool of featured tokens.

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