The game is “directly obtain pleasure as the main purpose, and there must be a subject to participate in the interaction.” This concept includes two most basic characteristics: 1. The main purpose is to obtain pleasure (pleasure includes physical and psychological). 2 There must be a subject to participate in the game. “Human beings are bound by spirit and material in their lives, and they lose their ideals and freedom in these constraints. So people use the remaining spirit to create a free world”. It is a game. This kind of creative activity arises from human instinct.”

With the continuous development of technology, traditional games can no longer meet the instinctive needs of human being. Everything in this world cannot be immutable, so we can imagine whether future game will be combined with reality, can human spirit live in the virtual world forever? This may be the ultimate form of the game. “No matter how the game develops in the future, it cannot be separated from a concept. The virtual world must be an allusion of the real world.”

Recently, “Meta Universe”become more attractive, an artificial space that runs parallel to the real world, the next stage of the Internet, a virtual reality network world supported by AR, VR, 3D and other technologies.

“There are two roads in front of human being: one outward. Leading to the stars and the sea; one inward, leading to virtual reality.” If people want to pursue a higher spiritual civilization, the “meta universe”, they cannot do without two concepts NFT and GameFi. The meta universe is the sum of its parts, and it depends on many different things to be truly realized.. Or to be more practical

If you have an NFT, or just own some cryptocurrency, it may also mean that you have participated in a part of the meta-universe experience, at least already very close to the meta-universe. NFT itself is very complicated, and its role in the meta-universe is equivalent to a way of recording who owns a particular virtual commodity. The creation and transfer of virtual goods is an important part of the meta universe. Therefore, NFT is a financial structure that may be useful to the meta universe. if you buy a virtual shirt on the Metaverse a platform, NFT can create a permanent data that allows you to redeem the same shirt on the Metaverse B to Z platform. What role does GameFi play in the meta-universe? GameFi is a combination of games and finance, and its real core lies in “finance.” This is a sustainable economic system, a financial activity that lowers the barriers to entry through games. Of course, in addition to making money by playing game, GameFi has a more long-term significance in that it provides a rare window for users in the real world to see the appearance of the meta universe. So if we want to explore the meta-universe, we can start with the game.

Today I recommend a game for everyone, “Magic Of Universe”, the purpose of this game is to allow every player to obtain economic benefits in the game, “withdraw cash at any time”. Why recommend this game? Because in the pursuit of GameFi, we need to consider two factors: revenue + good experience.

“Magic Of Universe” is a simulated operation + combat chain game based on the “Play To Earn” mode of encrypted assets. It is based on the BSC public chain in the early stage, and will open more chain-method and cross-chain applications in the future.

Benefits: In “Magic Of Universe”, a unique and advanced dual public chain mechanism is adopted. BSC is technically independent, supports EVM, and is compatible with Ethereum. For player, while easily completing the transfer, they can also enjoy the advantages of fast block generation and low handling fees. Game tokens include CRA, BNB and MGC. CRA can charge the illusion, and each battle need to consume the corresponding illusion energy. Both MGC and BNB can be used to buy fantasy and hero, and can also be sold in the market and exchanged for U.S. dollar. Both MGC and CRA can be obtained through Pancake trading. NFTs such as brave, fantasy, gold coin, fruit can also be sold in the market and transferred to other player, thereby earning more MGC income. In the game, the number of illusion and the number of layer directly affect the player’s income. As the development of the scene improve the corresponding income detail, 3-10 layers can complete 2 battles a day to obtain the corresponding value of the token MGC, and the hero’s daily output the currency is about 3.3%. Upgrading the illusion consumes MGC, and the output is MGC. It is expected to pay back in about 30 days. Illusion upgrade help reduce CRA consumption

Good Experience: “Magic Of Universe” also has its own characteristic in terms of trick.

Player can choose to join a camp, select and purchase NFTs such as characters and equipment in the market, form their own mercenaries to fight against other players or complete game task. You also need to strategically cultivate your own mercenary role, upgrade your roles and equipment through game tokens, and transform them into a combination that suits your strategy. Character accounts can be sold and transferred to other players in the market to earn more token income. Before the game starts, you can use US dollars to buy MGC, or BNB to buy two MGC combatants as admission tickets to the game. There are a total of 10 phantoms, BNB and MGC purchase phantoms and two combat divisions cooperate to obtain MGC or treasure chest rewards through highly competitive PVP activities and high-level PVE. If you want to increase the incentives after winning PVP and PVE, you need to increase the number of illusions and the number of layers

Treasure chest fragments: can be used to synthesize treasure chests. Treasure chests are the most important basic props in the game. Many rare heroes and game props will be obtained through treasure chest.

I believe anyone who has had experience with chain games before knows that some early games will put valueless “NFT” as some obsolete codes in the corner, which can easily cause asset premiums, and players will become the last victims. . In order to protect the interests of players, MAGIC officials chose to assign “transaction value” to these digital assets. The focus of the initial version of the game was almost entirely on trick, allowing them to truly have “value”.

GameFi focuses on playing games, and DeFi focuses on mining. GameFi replaces the mining process in DeFi with games. Funds are not a necessary condition. Time and energy are the key conditions for benefit. Users have to play with those characters and props, and have to win complex game levels and strategies to make money. Compared with mining, this path is much longer, so the project will have a longer life cycle. If the economic model and trick of the game itself are designed to be more mature and complete, the more the game’s lifespan will be prolonged. Moreover, the DeFi project fee is only about 0.3%, while the GameFi project party’s revenue is more than 10 times more than that. At the same time, the project party itself also has more capital flow to feed back the game, and the player’s revenue will increase accordingly. So a good GameFi project is jointly built by the official and the players.

It can be seen from some official information that MAGIC OF UNIVERSE is better than other games, both in terms of trick and economic model of the game, with diversified game styles, higher returns. The most important of the game experience is the features that can be extracted at any time. Generally, MAGIC OF UNIVERSE is a game worthy of attention for a long time.

Although the development of Meta Universe is still in its early stages, through the GameFi , we have been able to spy on the open interconnection, value sharing and many other attractive aspects of this virtual world. With the help of NFT, in the future Meta Universe, any Valuable individuals and things will be discovered and recorded.


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