The Davis Legacy Coin: The Pioneer in Social service in Crypto Currency

The Davis Legacy Coin: The Pioneer in Social service in Crypto Currency

Presently in the World there isnโ€™t much positive social information for at-risk communities. The Davis Legacy Coin program will encourage, enlighten, and empower our communities to improve their life. There hasnโ€™t been a crypto-currency to focus on the families and their mental health. This commitment to our community will change the future of our families with their involvement in TDLC project. We all are at-risk and would benefit from access to social and mental health services and the TDLC project will improve our communities.
TDLC use case director has conducted social skills training to this targeted population for over twenty-eight years in social service arena. TDLC staff has been committed to the community for several years; The wealth of experience in the community and the target population allows TDLC project to benefit us all.

Program Summary
The purpose of the TDLC project is to support an evidence-based program to address unhealthy behaviors in our society. The TDLC is to provide youth and adults with opportunities to learn skills and gain experiences that contribute to more positive lifestyles and enhance their capacity to make healthier life choices. The TDLC intends to demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of strategic partnerships in improving the health status, interpersonal skills, and educational performance of everyone.
Comprehensive Community Based Model is the evidence-based model TDLC will employ for this project.

Use Case

Blueprint Publishing Company
Parenting E-Book
Whether youโ€™re a parent of an elementary school student, middle school student or older this book is a must in creating a successful relationship with your child. This book is written from a parentโ€™s perspective to help all parents with their relationship with their children. The following items are discussed within this book:
*Goal Setting
*Social Media
*Conflict Resolution
*Decision Making
* Building Self-Esteem
*Drug Talk
* Divorce

College Book E-Book
Whether youโ€™re a high school senior or college freshmen you need to read these helpful tips for college. The book is full of positive helpful tips for success in college. Within this book you will learn strategies on how to deal with roommates, the benefits of study groups, and college selection, etc.

Coin Eco โ€“ System

5% Purchase Fee = 3% to Project Development 2% to Team Development
2% Seller Fee = 2% to Community Resource and Development
Supply = 1 Quadrillion
Contract Address: 0x941a4a40868e266906a0b7a467004fdfd39ac586

Purchase TDLC at: Pancake Swap
NB: The devis legancy coin will launch at the end of February

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