Peermoon: A DeFi mobile wallet for all your financial needs

Peermoon is a new generation decentralized mobile wallet. We are here to disrupt how we see the finance industry from daily payments to the smartest investments.

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How does Peermoon project differ from other projects/products on the market?

Peermoon is a DeFi mobile wallet that allows investing in different assets (cryptocurrencies, stocks, ETFs, loans, commodities, real estate, etc.), tracking overall investment portfolio, and managing finances conveniently in one app. The variety of features and assets makes Peermoon a unique product in the market.

Why investors need to join Peermoon ICO and buy PM tokens right now?

During the presale round (which starts on February 28), investors can buy Peermoon tokens (PM) at a significantly lower price than in the public round. Presale round investors can double the value of their investments in PM tokens at later rounds.

Please find our ICO details (rounds and pricing)

Why buying a coin is safe?

Last year Peermoon attracted 960 000 USD from international VCs. We had many meetings with potential investors and venture capitalists. Before receiving investments from VCs, our project passed the due diligence process.

About us
We are a team of experts with extensive experience in the financial sector, investing, and technologies. We are here to bring you a new disruptive solution for managing your finances and investing more conveniently.

Our dedicated team creates solid software products, apps, and operational systems for established businesses and start-ups.

We are passionate about making difficult to simple. Turning static to a mobile. And shifting a mobile product to the fastest and the most convenient solution easy to use for everyone.

This time we joined our forces to create a game-changer app we believe in. Our product is a groundbreaking mobile wallet that makes a significant shift in the financial world.

Co-founders of Peermoon are three FinTech experts: Dan Martalog (CEO), Elena Kriek (CMO) and Tadeusz Blago (CTO).

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