FaceOS: Use VR glasses and make love in real time

Realistic sex in the metaverse.
Platform 18+ with artificial intelligence

Interactive 3D Universe
The Metaverse is the future iteration of the Internet. It allows you to meet, communicate, experience emotions within three-dimensional spaces.

Blockchain technology is used to ensure the transparency
and reliability of the system in the metaverse.

Idea and concept of the project:
To make possible the interaction with real people in the virtual world. To make the world of sex more colorful, comfortable, easy and accessible regardless of your gender and place of residence.

Now it is possible to enjoy without worrying about health safety and wasting time looking for intimate services; as well as without guilt and thoughts of betraying a loved one.

Virtual reality will give you a feeling of complete immersion, the opportunity to try something new with your partner and additional sex stimulants will allow you to physically feel the presence by 100%. You will be able to release all your fantasies and sexual dreams.

Realize sexual fantasies without limits
Interact with real people in the virtual world. The platform is available to everyone, aged 18+, regardless of gender and place of residence.

Token Sale

Token Allocation

More info
visit : https://faceos.app/



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