GreenFi – Safest Crypto with 100x Potential

GreenFI is a Community Driven Project with complete TRANSPARENCY and INTEGRITY that rewards people for tree planting.

A UNIQUE concept where you earn BNB’s to Plant Trees at your Home, Office or Anywhere in the World.
GreenFI rewards members of its community who participate in community management through its Plant-To-Earn sustainability circle model.

GreenFI’s Circle of Sustainability; Plant Trees and its community will make its ecosystem stable.

The community aims to get more people to be part of the Plant-To-Earn model.
As more of these community members plant trees, they will make the world a better place while still getting rewards.
GreenFI rewards members of its community in BNB.Furthermore, the GreenFI ecosystem will be powered by a cryptocurrency that was built by our team of Experienced Dev.
GreenFI is the only one in the Crypto Space that has the aim of raising a community of profitable crypto/NFT investors while reducing global warming.

GreenFI’s Safety Shield for Investors-
• No Control Over Liquidity
• No Private Sale
• 0% Tokens Unlocked
• 0% Team Tokens
• 70% Liquidity Locked
• Liquidity Locked For 2 Years
• Community’s Visibility to Rewarding Wallet
• Rewards in BNB’s
• Driven By Community

GreenFI Sustainability Model
Our ecosystem and community will run on a sustainable model that will attract More Buyers.
Our community members will participate by planting trees. When they showcase their trees to our community,
they will get rewards (BNB) through GreenFI sustainability model.

Following the rewards from the Plant-To-Earn project, GreenFI Gets Visibility.
Through visibility, We Go for Worldwide Marketing and Campaigns and We get More Visibility.
The campaign strategy will attract more investors and community members,
and with more people Buying, there will be More taxes to give investors More Rewards.
Finally, as investors and community members are rewarded, they will be motivated to plant more trees and attract more people through their rewards.

GreenFI’s Sustainability Model
• Plant Trees
• Get Rewards (BNB’s)
• Project Gets Visibility
• Worldwide Marketing & Campaigns
• Worldwide Support
• More Visibility
• More Buyers
• More taxes
• More Rewards
• This Circle gets Bigger & Bigger

GreenFI Rewards
GreenFI will reward the members of its community and investors in BNB through Taxes Shared back with the community.
Also, members will enjoy NFT rewards through the GreenFI post-NFT collection launch.

GreenFI Metaverse
GreenFI Plant-To-Earn project will also take place in the metaverse.
The GreenFI metaverse will be for tracking the developments of tree plantations in the real world.

Presale on Pinksale
In the fourth quarter of 2022, GreenFI will be launching the presale of its crypto tokens (55%) on Pinksale.

We will give more people the opportunity to invest for rewards and become part of our community buildup.
We will offer our GreenFI crypto tokens to the public for lesser prices.
There will be no Private sale, No Team Tokens, No Un-Locked tokens, and hence, our presale will be Fully Transparent.

You will only enjoy these benefits when you own a GreenFI Token. Our sustainability circle will make the project fully Anti Rug,
making it the Most Trusted project in the crypto space.
If you understand the benefits of planting trees and want to make the world more habitable,
you will benefit heavily from investing in the GreenFI Plant-To-Earn project.

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