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Horse racing is a sport with a long and distinguished history and culture. Eden Loop team launched the EDEN HORSE project to fully embody the history and culture of horse racing in the crypto world, and not just horse racing based on a gambling system.
EDEN HORSE is different from racing play as users and players will make decisions through DAO, as in breeding, racing, and fostering stallions owned by the family, and through this, the holders involved will build an excellent crypto ecosystem to foster real horses.

EDEN HORSE, Real Horses and Real Estate-based Project

The essence of EDEN HORSE is the project is a crypto horse racing game based on real horses and real estate. EDEN HORSE signed a venture contract with CEO Ahn, Korea Racehorse Ranch Inc. (KRR), who is an actual racehorse owner, and owns 330,580 square meters of ranch and 150 racehorses in Bijarim-ro, Jeju-do. This can be said to be the world’s largest project linked to real life economy, initiated based on real horses and land.
EDEN HORSE stands out from other similar racing games as it provides actual value to the NFTs, which are NFTs based on real racehorses.

What’s so special compared to usual horse racing games?

In usual horse racing games, rewards are based on racing and winning, and composed of assets for upgrading racehorses. This means usual horse games are constructed to be a monopoly ecosystem over time where rewards only go to only a few main users.

EDEN HORSE is building an Oligopoly ecosystem where game content and game play are not only for minority, but to ensure interaction and teamwork between horse owners, players and families. You can be a horse owner and manage your own racehorse or just bet on tournaments as a horse racing player.

EDEN HORSE Game System

Tournament & Racing
EDEN HORSE tournament and racing format are the exact same as actual horse racing. The Super League, Family League, G1, G2, G3, Off, and Pre-Off from Stage 1 to 7. EDEN HORSE includes pre-off pony racehorse tournaments that users who are new to horse racing can join, and Level-up Tournaments that you can level-up your horses based on winning rate over time.

Horse Profile
Racehorses of EDEN HORSE are NFTized with the attributes such as appearance, characteristics, tendencies, behavior, and aptitudes based on actual racehorse pedigree and genetic data analysis.
This is an actual racehorse-based project so if you wish to know more just search to check with the worldwide actual data of the racehorses.

Families & Horse Breeding

EDEN HORSE is constructed by The Families (DAO). The Families will vote and decide whether to breed stallions. Rewards will be distributed to each family members based on five elements: Conquest / Ranking / Achievements / Stallion and Community Membership.

Based on the virtuous cycle structure of ELT Utility Token, each user involved in the ecosystem will receive fair payout according to the level of involvement. Each reward will be paid as ELT token and EELT (utility token), which creates the economic cycle of EDEN HORSE.

NFT Racehorse Owner
1) Rewards for various economic activities in the Families
2) Rewarded with license fee (in ELT) for breeding the next generation racehorses
3) Payout based on racehorse production sales and racing.

Users (Horse racing players)
Rewards depending on tournament betting & results

Community users
Rewards depending on EDEN HORSE community events & user involvement

About EDEN HORSE Pre-sale

Holders with 200,000 ELT can purchase the first generation of EDEN HORSE at 0.59 ETH (0.66 10% off) through pre-sale.

200,000 ELT Holder Benefits
– EDEN HORSE 1st Generation Dam 10% off
– EDEN HORSE Welcome Party VIP Invitation
– 1st Generation Dam breeding pass
– 2nd Generation Racehorse WL
– Pre-off pony racehorses NFT airdrop
(10 purchase of 1st Generation Dam NFT/ 1 pre-off pony racehorse NFT airdrop)
– Additional benefits (Families, achievements, etc.)

The 1st generation dam limited NFT collection is the core of stallion and families in EDEN HORSE and pre-sale (each dam 100 NFTs) will be launched. Owner of the 1st generation dam will produce the 2nd generation by breeding, and 2nd generation will produce the 3rd generation stallion. The 1st generation dam NFT will receive a portion of the winning prize from the race and breeding of the second and third generation license fee in ELT.

Want to know more about EDEN HORSE project? Rewards? Roadmap?
Watch this video for more!

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