Fandomdao Unveils Squid Game Season 2 Voting Event – Early Project Launch with Exclusive Airdrops

Excitement is brewing as Fandomdao, in its early stages, introduces the Squid Game Season 2 Voting Event – Fandomdao Challenge 1. This groundbreaking event not only builds on the monumental success of Squid Game Season 1 but also marks the first-ever release of the FAND token through a unique and exclusive airdrop opportunity.

Key Highlights:
Fandom Voting for Season 2: Fans can now play an active role in shaping the destiny of Squid Game Season 2. As an early project, Fandomdao emphasizes the significance of fan participation in this voting event. Each vote automatically contributes to a donation fund for Save the Children’s Emergency Relief Fund.

Exclusive Airdrop of FAND Coins: To celebrate the early release of the FAND token, first-place voters will receive a special surprise – an airdrop of FAND coins. It’s a unique chance for users to claim their share of this utility token without any reason or conditions attached.

Introduction of Fandom Dao Platform: Fandomdao, as a revolutionary early project in the web3.0 social landscape, invites global artists and fandoms to engage effortlessly. The platform encourages users to participate in creating content and communicating freely, with all activities translating into economic value rewarded as compensation.

Why Join Fandomdao Early:
First Token Release: Fandomdao Challenge 1 marks the very first release of the FAND token. Participate in this early project to secure your position in the growing web3.0 socialfi space.
Exclusive Airdrop Opportunity: Emphasizing the value of free airdrops, Fandomdao encourages users to accept this unique opportunity without any reason or conditions. In the evolving market, early engagement can lead to significant benefits.

Event Details:
Pre-event: February 2nd ( Event link: )
Official Service (OBT) opening: February 20th

Participate in Fandomdao Challenge 1:
Sign up for Fandom Dao Membership using a Google Gmail account or Blockchain wallet connection.
Receive 300 FAO points upon signing up.

Use FAO points for challenge voting (50 FAO deducted per vote).
Share the event link on SNS, tag 2 friends, and include the required tag #FANDOMDAO (50 FAO paid when sharing link).

Special Incentives:
A 50FAND airdrop for first-place voters, with 1% of the airdropped quantity accumulating as a donation for Save the Children’s Emergency Relief Fund.

Connect with Us:
Email: [email protected]

Be part of the Fandomdao experience at its inception – an early project offering exclusive airdrops and the first-ever release of the FAND token. Vote, engage, and secure your position in the future of web3.0 socialfi.

About Fandomdao:
Fandomdao is a global web3 socialfi platform, uniting artists and fandoms worldwide. It facilitates communication, content creation, and sharing, rewarding users for their engagement and turning it into economic value. Early adopters are encouraged to embrace the free airdrop opportunity without any reason or conditions.

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