PIK Token’s LBANK Listing: Unprecedented Opportunities Await Investors

March 8, 2024 – As N-PIK continues its journey towards revolutionizing the online casino industry, we are thrilled to announce that PIK Token will soon be listed on LBANK, a leading cryptocurrency exchange.

LBANK has officially confirmed the listing of PIK Token, setting the stage for increased visibility and accessibility for investors. This listing will provide a seamless avenue for users to trade and engage with PIK tokens, further solidifying N-PIK’s position in the cryptocurrency market.

LBANK Listing Details:

1. PIK token will be listed on LBank on 22nd April, and the price will be 0.1 PIK = 1 USDT
2. Currently, N-PIK Coin is running a 50% discount event on PIK-SWAP – only for pre-sale period. it’s 0.05 PIK per 1 USDT
3. so when it’s listed, you will get the double profit anyway.

LBANK Article Link

β€œNo reason to skip owning confirmed-listing
PIK coins!β€œ

It’s free anyway!
Participate in the event now for risk-free Airdrops!
If it goes well,
the returns could be over 100x like ‘Rollbit.’

Let’s all join in together!

This strategic move not only enhances the liquidity of PIK Token but also opens up new opportunities for investors looking to be part of the N-PIK revolution. With LBANK being a reputable platform known for its secure and efficient trading services, PIK Token holders can expect a seamless and rewarding experience.

Why Invest in PIK Token Now?

50% Discount during ICO: Secure your PIK Tokens at half the listing price during the ongoing ICO, maximizing your potential returns.

Proven Revenue Model: Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies, N-PIK is set to redefine the online casino landscape, presenting a unique opportunity for revenue generation.

LBANK Exchange Credibility: LBANK is a trusted platform in the crypto community, ensuring a secure and reliable environment for trading PIK Tokens.

The N-PIK team encourages investors and enthusiasts to stay tuned for further announcements regarding the LBANK listing and invites everyone to be part of this exciting venture.

Website: https://n-pik.com/
ICO: https://pik-swap.com/
Whitepaper: https://whitepaper.n-pik.com/

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