Introducing QR SLIMES: Revolutionizing NFTs with Decentralized Rewards

QR SLIMES is proud to announce the launch of a groundbreaking concept in the world of NFTs. QR SLIMES combines the excitement of NFT ownership with decentralized rewards, offering a unique and rewarding experience for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

QR SLIMES introduces a novel approach to NFTs by integrating dynamic QR codes with decentralized rewards. Each QR SLIME NFT falls into one of five categories, each with randomized reward percentages ranging from 9% to 2%. These rewards are distributed monthly in a rotating selection of trending cryptocurrencies, providing holders with a steady stream of earnings directly deposited into their wallets.

Getting involved is simple. Interested individuals can join the whitelist for the current presale by visiting QR SLIMES Website:

And secure their place in this innovative opportunity. The presale offers exclusive access to these dynamic QR code NFTs before they’re made available to the broader market.

QR SLIMES believes in transparency and innovation. The rewards associated with each NFT are announced on individual QR code links, ensuring clarity and fairness for all participants. Additionally, QR codes are dynamic, meaning they will evolve from the presale page to the rewards page after April 20th, adding an element of anticipation and excitement for collectors.

For those looking to explore the collection further, QR SLIMES can be found on Opensea, the premier marketplace for NFTs. Visit QR SLIMES on Opensea:
To discover and acquire these unique digital assets.

Connect with QR SLIMES on Twitter @QRslimes
And stay updated on the latest news, announcements, and developments.

QR SLIMES is poised to redefine the NFT landscape, offering not just digital art but a dynamic and rewarding experience for collectors. Join the revolution today and become a part of the future of NFTs.

QR SLIMES NFT collection presale entered phase 1

Get whitelisted

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