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Inery Blockchain
Data Storage
Secure your data with the power of Blockchain technology
Benefit your project with decentralization and 
earn rewards at the same time
Decentralized storage with Inery
Improve the security, speed and management of your data.
Inery is specially designed to address database decentralization. By combining blockchain technology and distributed database properties, Inery enables data owners and users to efficiently store valuable and private information. In the long term, the blockchain will replace classic hardware.
With database decentralization, no single entity has control over your private information. Third parties are excluded and the information is owned by everyone in the network, but can only be accessed by private keys controlled by you.
All data is compressed into text files. Compression of the data significantly reduces the amount of storage that files can take up, as well as speeds up file transfer and lowers storage costs.
In addition to decentralization, cryptography adds additional layers of protection to the system, making all information on the Blockchain encrypted and more secure.
Why choose decentralized storage ?
Traditional means of data storage are fraught with many risks and elements of failure, with a lot of business owners looking for a better alternative. Decentralized data storage is that alternative. Inery is perfect for any business that is looking for the best privacy and security solution for their data.
The power of Value Contracts
A Value contract is a computer protocol digitally designed to ease, verify or implement the negotiation of a contract. It helps you to exchange anything valuable faster and in a more secure, transparent way while avoiding the presence of third parties.

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