Efficiency Coin: A new ERC-20 token, with the goal to become something much more

Efficiency Coin is a new ERC-20 token, with the goal to become something much more.
Now available on pancake swap



Efficiency Coin is an idea, that a coin can actually be used to everyday fees the same way cash would, just as fast, and even more efficient than the rest.

As of right now our token is listed on pancake swap. To buy follow the instructions below.

10% Token Tax Breakdown
5% To Holders
3% Burnt
2% Back into Ecosystem
How to buy
Add the contract


to your wallet as a token
Go to pancake swap

Exchange from BNB to EFC
by clicking select currency, then typing in the contact again.

Import, and exchange your BNB for EFC!

Buy Now :

White Page


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