Axe Crypto Capital: The First Quantitative Crypto hedge fund


What is a hedge fund?.
I won’t get into the nitty-gritty of the technical details, but you can essentially think of it as a company
that has a big pot of money and makes active decisions about where to put that money.
Sometimes changing its mind hundreds of times a day. Buying stocks, shorting currencies, lending to governments, you name it they’re doing it.
All with one aim: maximise returns. From this world of billionaire hedge funds, there’s a subset called Quantitative Funds.
These guys have the same mantra: maximise returns,
but they do it with big brain mathematics, algorithms and computer code.

It’s also important to note that these funds aren’t in crypto just yet,
so we’ve got a head start. The boom years for Quantitative hedge funds trading stocks was in the 00s
and they made astronomical returns compared to the market.
This is because there were lots of simple signals available to mathematically predict what was going to happen to a stock,
which were not being noticed by the market. Crypto is in exactly that same position as we speak.

Ok so to start the hedge, what do we need? Liquidity.
And this is where AxeCap comes in.

You see, it’s hard, dangerous and expensive to start a hedge fund.
The complexity too great when you’ve never done it before.
Especially when you’re trying to create
the world’s first community-driven quantitative cryptoasset manager.​

So I made AxeCap, to bring you in on my long term vision,
to raise liquidity for the fund, to act as a springboard into something much bigger.
You know what they say, to eat an elephant you have to do it one bite at a time.

The liquidity that you add when you buy your AxeCap will be used for the crypto asset trading.
Imagine: our community’s own huge pot, being used to trade 100s of crypto’s at the same time,
all with the potential to 10x over night, all selected by infallible mathematics and traded
with high frequency precision. Your gains could be huge, not just one day, but every day for the next 20 years.
Now that’s what I call financial freedom.

If you sell your AxeCap, you might make 1.5x, 3x even, but you’re selling out on your chance
to be a part of a revolution in finance, a revolution in your long term financial freedom.

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