BOLE: A community driven utility token launched on the Binance Smart Chain network.

Bole (BOLE) is a community driven utility token launched on the Binance Smart Chain network
and it is currently listed on PancakeSwap exchange.

The concept of using Bole Token simply as an investment,
by being traded or held for value is just one among several practical applications.
A major prospect for its utilization is to gain popularity and to be established
as a commonplace form of a token payment for products and services across businesses in the hospitality industry.

Another side of its functionality of Bole Token is the idea of acting as a reward token,
replacing the outdated loyalty point programs.
The objective is tokens to be transferable between consumers and accepted across all businesses in the industry,
with a further intention of all Bole Token rewards to be non-expiry and retaining a redeemable nominal value.

Moreover, its functional operation as a reward token is placed onto the playground of hiring employees,
where companies can incentivize their prospective work force as well as current employees.

Last but not least, once Bole Token acclaims its status of being a popular and a widely accepted digital asset in the crypto market arena,
it is envisioned to be the main funding blockchain monetary unit of a decentralized crisis management fund,
subsidizing businesses in the hospitality industry during challenging economic conditions.

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