Newly Launched MED Coin Aims to Assist Start-Up Medical Technology Companies Through Investments

(November 17, 2021) – A pioneering venture, the MED coin has been launched in the crypto market.
The MED platform will enable investors to invest and purchase these tokens to invest in the critically important medical technologies under development.
The company bases its business model and the token on years of experience in this field, including its team of experts.

β€œLocated in the Mecca of the medical device industry, Memphis, TN, MEDCoin is a platform that allows investors
to purchase tokens and invest in medical technology”, says a spokesperson for MED coin.

Several biomedical engineers with a history in start-ups and medical device design came together to create MedCoin.
When investors purchase a MED coin, they are helping fund ten start-up medical device companies.
These companies are assigned 3,000,000 MED tokens per incubator phase.
As the investor buys these tokens, the price of these tokens goes up, and companies are allowed to sell them to help fund their innovation.

β€œOur MED COIN is Burnable and Mintable, meaning we can control the supply and prevent rug pulls”,
says a member of the MED coin community.

The Medical Coin or MED COIN has been created on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).
These pegged coins function as BEP-20 tokens on Binance Smart Chain.

The company is always open to receiving ideas from its investors, a.k.a., token holders,
and is on the constant lookout to finance the next big thing.
Those interested can currently access MED COIN on decentralized wallets.

With its proven medical device experience, the company has on staff biomedical and mechanical
engineers with a history of working on innovative medical technology and designs.
Hence, investors can rest assured they are in the best of hands.

For more information, please visit:
Media Contact:
[email protected]
Memphis, TN

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