Solarhero: Buy and sell virtual ownership of #solar panels

Identify your Solar Powers


SolarHero is an exchange platform where people can buy and sell virtual ownership of solar
We’ve created a cryptocurrency token built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) which lets people
invest in solar panels anywhere around the world.
Each SolarCity (SLC) token
acts as an investment commodity that represents ownership of a solar panel installed at any place
in the world.
Owning SolarCity (SLC) token(s) gives an investor virtual ownership of
solar panels and the electricity generated by them is sold to consumers like residential
complexes, shops, etc., and the proceeds go to the owner of the SolarCity token.

Investing in our token will be more fruitful than a savings account in a bank – it
guarantees higher returns for a longer duration of time from the energy the
panels produce.

We’re at the same time providing renewable energy to consumers at a less
price/kWh than high-cost, high-carbon electricity while providing profit to the
investors, buying our tokens as an investment commodity.


Solar Paper

Solar Investments To The Sun
SolarCity is a dream project of our Solar Heroes!
Aligned with the goals of UNDP
One Sun, One Platform and One Token

Road Map

Join the Solar Army
Solar power is the last energy resource that isn’t owned yet
– nobody taxes the sun yet ~Bonnie Rait

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Steps To Become A Solar Hero-

1. Select the project you want to invest in
2. Buy Solar Cells in the project using $SLC Token
3. We Install Solar Cells
4. You earn passive Solar Income

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