Free Pulsechain coins for etherum holders for first 30 days at launch

Sacrifice Details

Donations sent to the addresses at may be tax deductible for you. We raised $25,000,000 for medical research so far! You must follow the PulseChain instructions. Sacrifices to during the sacrifice phase earn 25% less points compared to sacrifices at can also accept stocks and bank wires. Once the sacrifice phase is over, the total sacrifice points for each sacrificer’s address’s points (at the same metamask address) are totaled up across all the supported chains and the report. This creates a list of sacrificers ranked by total points from largest to smallest.

Everyone’s sacrifice is publicly viewable during the period by checking the public balances of the sacrifice addresses list on each chain. This way you might know when you want to sacrifice some more to move up in the rankings. By the way, The PulseChain code was just released!

The PLS supply increases with the amount sacrificed. The sacrifice set can mint 1 free PLS per sacrifice point. Ethereum holders only get 1 free PLS per ETH. And it’s value is deducted from their address after 30 days. A genesis address gets 1% of the total PLS supply at launch. (It will not benefit you, and may waste the coins in any way it wishes.)
If the total supply isn’t 10,000x higher than ETHs, then everyone will get upscaled (bonus coins pro rata) to bring the total supply to 10,000x ETH’s total supply.
The USD value of sacrifice’s are estimated using 30 minute time weighted average prices where convenient.

An automated market maker ratio fixer contract will mint enough supply to correct the PLS ratios as the first act on main net, as PLS will have a much higher supply than ETH. It will probably mint around 2.5% of supply.

More info at:

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