Zilwar, the evolving ecosystem of games on #Zilliqa blockchain

What is Zilwar?
β€ŒWelcome to Zilwar! Zilwar is the evolving ecosystem of games on
Zilliqa blockchain.
Crypto games are attracting more interest every day and are
offering the opportunity to bring cryptocurrency to mainstream
users. The flourishing of games all around the crypto space
represents a fun and educational way to opening the world to
blockchain technology to a larger audience

Zilwar Game
Zilwar Game is the first game launched under the umbrella of
Zilwar Network. This is a PvP game built with Unity with game
graphics fully animated in a cartoonish style.
In the first season, the game is launched with 4 characters with 3
types of attack, whereas following season the game will be
expanded with the introduction of new characters, abilities, and
more complex gameplay to become a complete turn-based PvP
tactical game. Each season will introduce improvements to game
mechanics. Holders of the ZWAR token have governance power
over these aspects. They will be initially able to make decisions
regarding new characters to add, maps of the fights, and
improvements of other aspects.

Our roadmap to add complexity to Zilwar Game.
Zilwar Ecosystem
The core idea behind Zilwar Ecosystem is to catch trends or
produce a crypto version of a product that already works.
We don’t want to build just one game. But develop new game
lines, because we think we can maximize visibility and increase
the chance that a game will be very popular. In addition, for every
game, there will be many game seasons in which we will expand
both cosmetics and mechanics.
Zilwar network will expand horizontally with the development of
new games, and vertically with the introduction of new gaming
seasons. Every new season will be charaterized by original NFTs
that will be compatible axross all Zilwar games.

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$ ZWAR token and its incentives, tokenimics, roadmap analysis,
Zilwar, the evolving ecosystem of games on Zilliqa.
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