OMIKRON is similar to the popular game Plague Inc only with the difference that the player is not the virus but a medic who has to save mankind.
At the same time as the start of the pre-alpha version of the game, we are also launching NFTs.

Holders of the token are rewarded by holding them and are added to their wallet by selling / buying OMR tokens.

Community Special
By voting, the community can burn OMR tokens.
Every time we have 500 votes, we will burn 250,000 OMR tokens.

The Game
Are you ready to destroy the virus?
โ€œVaccinated people believe they are safe. You have been misinformed ”
At this point in time, it is still unclear what consequences the variant actually has. A head of virology says: “Nobody can say at the moment what is in store for us.” So far, experts have not been able to say for sure whether the variant is really more contagious than the delta variant, for example.

Can you stop the Virus ?

Contract: 0x27f0Aed3984173121B969f117fD069181a11e1f8

13% Tax on all transactions
5% Liquidity
5% Distributed to holders in OMR tokens
3% Back to Dev Wallet

How to Buy OMIKRON

1. Get a Wallet
Download MetaMask (a browser extension) or TrustWallet (a phone app)* and configure them for the Binance Smart chain

2. Transfer BNB
Buy smart chain BNB tokens on a supporting exchange such as Binance. If you live in the US, use to buy non-smart chain BNB tokens and convert them using the Binance Chain Wallet. Afterwards, send them to your MetaMask or TrustWallet

3. Swap BNB to $ OMR
Swap your BNB (smart chain)
** tokens for $OMR tokens
on Pancake Swap V2.*
here is our contract adress
don’t forget: V2 and slippage rate 13%

4. Join the CommunityFollow our social media channels and support the cause by sharing $โ€‹OMR on social media

* (only for iOS user) The DApp browser has been removed from TrustWallet but it’s not a problem!
You can use safari!Connect your TrustWallet with WalletConnect.
Choose Trust then you have to confirm the session with (for example) pancakeswap and have access to the DApps as usual.
** You need to swap your BNB in Smart Chain (Trust -> DEX -> BNB/Smart Chain)

More info:

Join telegram

๐Ÿ“„ Whitepaper ๐Ÿ“„



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