Zeltaro Atactic: Join our metaverse and blockchain gaming community and earn rewards

Zeltaro is a blockchain-based games developer company whose primary focus is metaverse experience gaming solutions. Recently we established strong partnerships with good know companies like Polygon, Acala.network, Polkadot, and others so we could offer the best experience for you! Right now, we are ready for an IDO launch; this way, you can be a part of our community and get in early in metaverse society.

Join the community game
Zeltaro Galactic invites you to be a part of Blockchain based gaiming and metaverse future! Feel something that you never felt, earn NFT’s, tokens and different prizes just by playing the game.

Only contract address:

How Does It Work?

Just contribute to the biggest blockchain based gaming community at the moment and collect rewards after!

Click HERE to get redirected to PancakeSwap. You will be automatically redirected to the correct coin. Please confirm the popup and make sure that your wallet is connected.

Now it’s up to you. Decide how much ZEL token you want to buy and enter the desired amount in the text fields provided. Click Swap, confirm the transaction and done.

Congratulation! Now you’re the proud community member of Zaltaro. You will be able to offer ideas and directly participate in the creation of our further developments. Also, you will be earning rewards like NFT’s, etc. Again, congradulations and see you at our community Telegram channel.

The best possible experience in the digital world
We are using Binance Smart Chain blockchain combined with Polygon for safety and smoothness. Also, our game is gonna be integrated with the MetaVerse experience soon.

Unlimited posibilities
Play in the digital world and earn rewards in the real world. Zeltaro Atactic is the most interactive blockchain-based game ever created. Earn NFT’s, tokens and electronic rewards for every minute you played in the Zeltaro Galactic digital reality

Website: https://www.zeltaro.io/
Telegram: https://t.me/zeltarocommunity

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