MAD MONGOOSE LLC TOKEN “Wall Street meets Crypto”


Investment Case
• Newly issued token in Nov 2021 : ERC-20 token on the Binance smart chain, trading on the pancake swap exchange under the ticker MADD
• Total token supply is limited at 10bn, with an initial price of 0.01 USD
• Mad Mongoose token is tied to the Mad Mongoose LLC hedge fund, and is backed up by real assets (aka asset backed token)
• Mad Mongoose LLC is an algorithm driven fund focused on Nasdaq megacaps, with YTD performance of 55%
• Through the use of the Mad Mongoose token, individuals are able to use a proxy to buy and sell the fund instantly, without lockups or high minimum investments
• An investment in Mad Mongoose provides an opportunity to invest in stocks and crypto at the same time
• Mad Mongoose assets will grow through a combination of new subscriptions and capital appreciation of the fund
• There is full transparency regarding principles of the token and fund
Mad Mongoose Token
Mad Mongoose is doing a token offering at an initial price of 0.01 USD/token, with the intention of raising a minimum of 100m USD for direct investment in the fund. Supply is capped at 10bn tokens.
This provides an excellent opportunity to invest in both crypto and equities, while having the backing of real assets for the token (the Mad Mongoose LLC fund). This is known as an asset backed token. All new subscriptions will be fully invested in the fund. As subscriptions increase, so too will the underlying value of the token, providing stability for the token.
As hedge funds traditionally have strict lockup periods, the use of the Mad Mongoose token provides instant liquidity for holders of the Mad Mongoose Fund. It also overcomes the high minimum investment requirements. This means that an investment traditionally only open to high net worth individuals is now available to anyone.
Transaction tax


The token has a transaction tax of 8% on each buy and sell, as following. This is intended to reward holders in favor of traders.
1) Marketing 2%. This will ensure growth of the community as word spreads. It will include social media, PR news releases and paid ads. A top digital marketing agency is on board.
2) Burning 2% (instant burn), meaning the token will be hyper deflationary, as every trade reduces the total supply, increasing the value of each remaining token.
3) Reflecting 2% (paid in WWW coin), meaning that on every transaction, existing holders get rewarded in WWW token
4) Liquidity 2% (go directly to LP). This will be used to continually increase the size of the liquidity pool, providing stability to the price.
Anti Whale Measures are embedded in the token, with a Max wallet 5% of float and Max transaction 3% of float. This again is designed to limit volatility and reward investors over traders.
Algo Investing
Algorithmic investing (also called black-box investing) uses sophisticated computer software to find winning strategies that incorporate risk and returns parameters so that a max level of gain can be achieved at a pre-determined level of risk (volatility). The benefit of algo investing is that it eliminates all human emotions and invests according to preset rules.
Mad Mongoose Fund
Mad Mongoose LLC (“MM Fund”) is a St. Kitts/Nevis registered LLC with custody services provided by DBS Bank. Assets under management currently stand at USD 1.3m. The fund is an algorithm driven investment vehicle which invests in megacap technology stocks from the Nasdaq 100 Index. Current holdings include Tesla, Meta, Microsoft, among others. The fund was started in 2021 and currently has a YTD performance of 55%, as of November 21st, 2021. No leverage is used.


Please note: There is an annual fee of 2% of assets under management, and 20% carried interest (performance fee) for the manager of the fund.
MMF Strategy
The MMF strategy is a high-Sharpe strategy that should (continue to) easily outperform the Nasdaq 100 Index at acceptable risk levels. We backtested the strategy from the period 2011 to 2021. This shows a performance of 55% CAGR against the Nasdaq 100 gain of 21% CAGR. The standard deviation is 32% p.a. versus 15% for the Nasdaq. The strategy has only 2 losing years during this period, 2011 (-11%) and 2018 (-8%). The strong capital appreciation during this time resulted in a hypothetical portfolio growing from 10,000 USD to 1,195,000 USD during the investing period (versus 80,000 USD for the Nasdaq). We also see that market correlation (to the S&P 500) has dropped to 60%, from 90% for the Nasdaq 100 index. Since its inception in Jan 2021, the real-world performance has been 55% YTD (as of Dec 1, 2021) and shows the consistency of the strategy. Current holdings include Microsoft, Netflix, Broadcom, among others.
The Investment Manager


Ulrich Krach is an experienced investment manager, having spent over 20 years at leading investment firms in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. He brings experience from such firms as Deutsche Bank (Germany), Credit Suisse (Switzerland), Legatum Capital (Dubai), Narmo Capital (Bahrain), Yuanta Securities (Taiwan), Primasia Securities (Taiwan), Fubon Financial (Taiwan), among others.
The manager has extensive experience in algorithmic investing and trading, and the outperformance from this methodology has proven itself far superior to traditional asset management methods.
Mr. Krach has a Bachelor of Commerce from McMaster University in Canada, and an MBA from York University in Canada. He is also the author of the book: Secrets of Successful Speculation (available on
Mad Mongoose is a new asset backed token launched on the Binance Smart Chain. Our goal is to provide access to a top performing algo tech fund to the masses, and allowing for 24/7 trading, instant liquidity and no minimum investment.
MADD is also a deflationary token that rewards its holders:
• 2% reflection
• 2% liquidity pool
• 2% instant burn
• 2% marketing
• 10 bn token supply
• Liquidity will be locked in January 2022
• Verified contract on BSC Scan
• Huge marketing campaign
• Less than 10 holders at the moment
• Coinmarketcap and Coingecko listing soon
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