Amazon pay token Earn passive income by holding

Amazon pay is a token created on the 20th of December, 2021 and was listed on the 23 of December, 2021. This coin was created for one basic reason, which is to serve as means of exchange on platforms and to be accepted in all stores, malls and e-market.

This project is a long term project which will assist to transact and gain from this transaction. The team is working on the token to have it own;
exchange: for people to buy and sell, convert it to other coin or sell. Also, similar operation can be performed on other coins on the exchange
swap and stake: this is for changing the coin to other coins and stake.

The max supply is not available, total supply is 609.994.511.000.000 and a circulation supply of 560.994.951.951.000 Amazon pay (Apy) tokens.
Official Amazon pay contract adress:0x8e696f37eb55fa53b7dce758b3de13cde6fa8ed7

The website of the token is the website will be upgraded such that people can shop online 2-8% cash back on our amazon pay token

Why Amazpay Token?
We present our amazon pay token our team will work hard to make the best so the amazon and many shops to accept this token for payment..

We will create a website where people can shop online and get 2-8 % cash back on our amazon pay token


Passive Income
Earn passive income by holding Amazpaytoken tokens

Great Community
Speak directly to the Amazpaytoken team or chat with our like-minded community

Anti Whales
Anti-Whale feature to prevent pump-dump-existing whales for price movement protecting



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