Agora Metaverse โ€“ your onestop portal to the Openverse

Humans have dreamt of adventure and traveling the universe since the dawn of time.
Imagine the ability to move between Metaverses seamlessly.
Imagine the ability to join friends, NFT artists, traders in exclusive meta hubs.
Imagine a life where you are part of an exclusive club only open to Agora Metaverse token
holders (aka AGORAM tokens)

Imagine a bouncer saying โ€œNo Agoram tokens, no entryโ€
Agora hopes to define exclusive immersive experiences and pay as you earn gaming,
irrelevant of which metaverse you are using, with the ultimate goal of linking all of them
together with the advent of the Openverse via the Agora dashboard.
This project has been successfully audited by Audit Rate Tech (see tokenomics)

Agora in ancient greek means โ€œan open space used
for social gatherings and marketsโ€
The AgoraMetaverse will have exclusive NFT art
galleries, trading hubs, and live entertainment
events and pay as you earn gaming only accessible
to Agora game token holders (AGORAM tokens).
You can contact the team at
[email protected]

Total Supply 2.1 Billion
Pre-Sales 1.3 Billion 62%
Liquidity (includes vested tokens) 715,000,000 34%
Development Fund 55,000,000 2.6%
Grants 30,000,000 1.4%

Token Symbol: AGORAM
Official Contract Address: 0x2db57e6822e7ec86036ad27d5aabd981f1cb3337
Audit provided by Audit Rate Tech (passed successfully)

Fair pre sales are on PinkSale

More info at:

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