Why this is the best time to enter Kandyland DAO!

The growth of the blockchain space has escalated in the last year and more recently Decentralized Finance (DeFi) projects have become the center of focus. As part of this burgeoning growth, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) have arisen.
DAO is a DeFi governance medium that has no centralized leadership structure hence decisions/proposals are agreed upon approval by most of the organization’s community.
Via a governance token, members of the community gain the right to participate in projects and manage treasuries owned by the DAO.

What is the Kandyland DAO?
Kandyland DAO is the next step in DeFi evolution. KANDY is a fork of OHM built on the AVAX network. By being on the AVAX blockchain, KANDY can leverage the incredible speed of transactions and minuscule gas fees. And the reserve treasury protocols allow us to raise substantial capital, benefit our investors and make a real impact in the world.
Kandyland DAO aims to create community-led projects on the nascent gaming and music-based applications around crypto. Such projects will be particularly important in the future as the crypto ecosystems evolve into the metaverse.

Why the time is ripe to grab some KANDY
In a market laden with several tokens, its anyone’s guess that investors get pretty mixed up on which token to invest in and why that token. Here’s why KANDY is the token you are looking for.
• A clear roadmap
Kandyland DAO shows a clearly defined roadmap towards the eventual complete implementation of the project. Divided into four stages, the project’s foreseen evolution is detailed to show several blockchain applications that will be introduced to the project — soon, Kandyland is bringing Music NFTs into play.
KANDY is already listed by market trackers Coingecko, CoinMarketCap and Avalanche’s decentralized trading platform Trader Joe.

• The Avalanche blockchain

Kandyland DAO is built on the Avalanche blockchain. Owing to growth data from last year, the blockchain has been singled out as a chain with significantly high potential and is seen to make massive strides this year.
Avalanche offers high transactions per second, low transaction costs and a plausible path towards scalability, unlike novel ecosystems such as Ethereum’s.

• Staking and bonding KANDY tokens

KANDY token holders have two viable strategies towards investment; staking and bonding.
Staking — Investors can deposit their KANDY tokens to gain reward tokens over time, or even cop an Annual Percentage Yield (APY) on their staked tokens.
Bonding — Investors can gain returns on bonded tokens over a vested period after exchanging their liquidity tokens to discounted KANDY.

⦁ Audited by CTDSec

Kandyland has been audited by CTDSec. Kandy has received two audits. Furthermore, the lead project developer is not anonymous and strives to provide transparency to the Kandyland community.
Staking KANDY
Among the most prominent use cases in DeFi is staking, which enables users to farm their yield to potentially gain returns. Users lock their assets on the DeFi platform, enabling them to leverage the benefits.

To stake your KANDY tokens follow these steps;
1. Visit the Kandyland DAO website.
2. Launch the Kandyland application.
3. On the Kandyland app log into your MetaMask wallet account and verify.
3. Connect to the wallet and enter the amount of KANDY tokens to stake.
4. Click on ‘approve’ and confirm the transaction prompts on your MetaMask wallet.
5. Once approved, refresh and click on ‘stake’.
6. Once confirmed, your KANDY balance and staked balance is displayed.
7. Stake & Chill!

Kandyland DAO is live! Don’t miss out on your next chance to earn 100x on a real project.

Website: https://kandylanddao.com/
Telegram: https://t.me/kandylanddao
Medium: https://kandylanddao.medium.com/
Whitepaper: https://docs.kandyland.finance/whitepaper-and-roadmap/whitepaper

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