mPANDO coin globally launching Legend of Pandonia (L.o.P), a P2E (Play-to-earn) game

mPANDO coin globally launching Legend of Pandonia (L.o.P), a P2E (Play-to-earn) game

Pando Software (President: Jeong Sang-hoon) revealed that it is globally launching Legend of Pandonia (L.o.P),
a P2E (Play-to-earn) game, as its first 2022 project, on the 14th this month at 3pm (Korean Standard Time).

L.o.P is a collective strategy action RPG, which is meant to be played by collecting 120 heroes while venturing a journey seeking for a Soulstone.
There are flashy and unique heroes, and users can enjoy battles with three main heroes and three sub heroes, total six heroes.

Heroes have six classes: Tanker, Fighter, Melee Dealer, Ranged Dealer, Wizard and Support,
and each hero has their own element of fire, water, wind, light or darkness. Users can earn victory by utilizing the elements to set a strategy,
and a better strategy can be found with affinity of elements of each hero.

Users can earn mPANDO coin in various contents: completing daily quests, seasonal reward of the Tower of Heroes, a PVE content,
an Arena to compete for rankings, or achievement quests. The Personal History System,
which is unique to L.o.P, gives a special buff when a user deploys heroes to a scenario and the heroes has a connection between them,
and after the user clears the activated personal history dungeon with them, the user can also earn mPANDO coins in certain stages.

As a MainNet coin, the mPANDO coin is designed to be have many different uses.
It can be used for the Hero Transcendence, purchase of entry of the Arena and expansion of inventory,
and it even can make heroes more powerful.

Jeong Sang-hoon, the President of Pando Software, said, β€œWe are starting to service Legend of Pandonia,
a P2E game, globally, as the first project of the new year”,
and, β€œPlease stay tuned to us as we’re going to show the feature to acquire a special hero through connection of a wallet and staking in our next update.”


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