iNAE Coin Listed on BitForx!

Hello, in the midst of the ongoing cryptocurrency boom,
we have exciting news to share! iNAE Coin has recently been listed on BitForx.
This listing opens up access to a wider range of investors and users.

BitForx, as many of you are familiar, is a global cryptocurrency exchange with users from around 200 countries,
boasting a daily trading volume exceeding 800 billion.
As it has been listed on such a significant exchange,
this is an important development. Let’s delve into the details of this announcement.

iNAE is a project gaining attention for its innovative fusion of blockchain technology and fintech.
The name “iNAE” signifies “Time of Wolves and Dogs,”
with a goal of establishing a blockchain technology and ecosystem
that connects the real world and the digital realm.

Built upon the world’s leading mainnet, NiktoNet,
this coin offers rapid transaction speeds and cost-effective trading fees.
This aims to provide high efficiency and innovative solutions within the fintech sector.

The listing of iNAE on BitForx signifies the growth and advancement of this project.
Through the innovative amalgamation of blockchain and fintech,
it presents new possibilities to a larger audience and is anticipated to gain more attention in the cryptocurrency market.
We look forward to an exciting journey ahead and the prospect of continued success!

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